Toilet Variations
Design / Objects by Manfred Wolff-Plottegg



Toilet Lamp 2017

Mirror Toilet   Prototype, 1979

Toilet Swing  Object, 1999

Toilet Shower  Prototype, 2012

Toilet table (ocasional table) 2017

Toilet elevator 2015

Ladies’ and Men’s  1992    Trautenfels Castle

Ladies’ and Men’s   2004    Lavatory at Café Korb

Public Toilet    Project 1994    Eisenstadt

Urn Cemetery  Competition  1999    Linz

see also link >>>  "Architektur zum Scheißen"












Toilet Lamp, 2017, (Low Cost Lamp No. 5)

2017 Klolampe (Low Cost Lamp No. 5)







Mirror Toilet    Prototype, 1979,    Vienna    Prototype for (Freudian) psychoanalyst Prof. M. H.

1979 Spiegelklo für einen Freudianer
Wohnungsumbau Wien/Grinzing















Toilet Swing    Object, 1999,    Graz

1999 Kloschaukel Schaukelklo






Toilet Shower    Prototype, 2012,    Graz    Prototype for a gush shower

2012 Klodusche / Prototyp für Schwalldusche






Toilet table (ocasional table) 2017

2017 Klotischchen



Toilet elevator 2015

2015 Klolift
für JWB /  Isi Werner 




Ladies’ and Men’s    1992    Trautenfels Castle     

1992 WC Trautenfels

              Standard metal sheet-pile profiles as partition walls,
              seven different toilet paper rolls for more comfort







Ladies’ and Men’s at Café Korb    2004    Interior Conversion  Lavatory at Café Korb, Vienna,  Freely formed aluminum, powder-coated; swing

2004 Damen und Herren im Cafe Korb

swing doors with typografic pictogram


Freely formed aluminum, powder-coated


see also link: korb_wc.htm

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Public Toilet    Project, 1994    Eisenstadt,  Domplatz


öffentlches WC am Domplatz in Eisenstadt

Strikingly, the sanitary facilities will be visible for all passers-by right in
the middle of the Domplatz. The booth will be lifted for users hydraulically,
the “showcase” becoming a skylight. After use, the booth disappears in
the ground again. Air exchange according to the bellows principle, toilet
paper from an ink jet printer (ink jet pisser) interactively printing
individual texts on the paper.

see also link: eisen_wc.htm













Urn Cemetery Linz     Competition, 1999     Computer-generated design

1999 Urnenfriedhof Linz

see also link: urne2.htm