Logo of the Lord Jim Lodge

movie >>>>> digit.arch.gen.mp4



First architectural competition
of the Lord Jim Lodge won 
by m. m. o. plottegg!

The first prize for the first time ever architectural competition of the Lord Jim Lodge was awarded to the architect M. M. O. Plottegg. But as nobody has the slightest idea what the submitted work, Cathedral of Intelligence, is about, M. M. O. Plottegg was committed to making a proper drawing before the jubilee edition of "Sun Bosom Hammer", the central organ of the Lord Jim Lodge,would be published.






     SONNE BUSEN HAMMER     Das Zentralorgan der Lord Jim Loge     Heft Nr 1          1991
Sun Bosom Hammer", the central organ of the Lord Jim Lodge 


91617.jpg (276399 Byte)

91617.jpg (276399 Byte)

Cathedral of Intelligence, Computer drawing, 1991

The first 2 ½ D (3D) drawing of the Lord Jim Lodge’s logo



These data were used as an input for “the synthetic dimension” seqq.


Synthetische Dimension
by Manfred Wolff-Plottegg & Hans Kupelwieser

The Synthetic Dimension
"Digital Architecture Generator"
Exhibition, 1991 at De Zonnehof, Amersfoort
in collaboration with Hans Kupelwieser

Raw data: 2 ½ D data of the “Sun Bosom Hammer” logo of the Lord Jim lodge;
generated lines stemming from a data crash dump when transferring data from DOS to Mac





 “Sonne Busen Hammer” 





SONNE BUSEN HAMMER nach Datensturz 1991

“Sun Bosom Hammer after data crash 1991

Cathedral of Intelligence --- the "proper drawing"  2006

(Renderings, Stills aus der Animation 2006,  Daten von 1991)





Renderings (stills) stemming from the animationa of 1991 data 
Sonne Busen Hammer                Animation 2006  >>>>>  sbh_3d.mp4 Animation 2006 (sbh_03.avi)


Cathedral of Intelligence --- Model, 2011

Stereolithographie Druckvorgang 2011  Daten von 1991




Hypsometric layers for 3D-print (print iterations)
Stereolithographie Druckvorgang 2011  3D print    sbh-3d_druck.mp4 


3D-Druck 2011 (Daten von 1991)

3D printout (1991 data)