THE METAMORPHOSIS OF A TOWN FLAT                             by Manfred Wolff-Plottegg   (already 1972) 


After all, western civilisation has also produced this dull category of "living". 
Everything there serves a partial purpose, a terrible (because contrived) concept of beauty, sociology and other sciences contribute to it with their vindicatory explanations, habitude and comfort are employed as arguments. The lack of ideas - the result of a strangely realistic attitude which exclusively relates to what already exists names functions as the existential basis of objects (and vice versa) and derives following the logical paths from these and similar assumptions of maintained and meaningless interdependencies abstracted statements on "living". Independent activities are avoided by dealing consistently with pieces of furniture and equipment, the single objective of the organization of the day is to get essentials done, the predominance of the verbal conversation ignores simultaneous manipulation and sensuality.
Apparently nothing seems to be more important here than to stubbornly free oneself of all logical and moral, acquired reservations.
The metamorphosis of an urban flat:

A large cloth is spread over all the objects, over all the furniture and equipment of the flat. The cloth reinforced with a supportive coat of glass fibre material.

This measure inevitably changes the usual order of the elements and processes inside one's own home. Consequently, the following measures can take effect: Uncontrolled spreading of peat compost and humus introduce greenery. Lush vegetation spreads uncontrollably in the rooms. Animals are accepted into the flat; the size ratio should be striking and effective: eg. a ram. The water mains is tapped. An unceasing jet of water pours out and spreads, following the contours of the ground.

In principle, all this would happen in any case, brought on by years of negligence, by complete disinterest. Because the occurance of certain combinations of things itself is at least as important as the attitude when encountering these: beyond genereal, so-called strict calculation whose automatism introduces "living" as something that is conceived a priori and strives to have it proceed in this way.

As all objects disappear which had given the individual rooms their names (kitchen, bathroom, lounge, ......) there is now no longer a difference between them. The past of the flat in all its forms and shapes has been sealed; what happens now is the exploitation of the moment. The intrusion of outside demands for the provision for specialized activities (Work) in the flat are now counteracted by spatial appearance and effects.The flat is again ready for occupancy.

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