The Binary House
Axioms of the binary house Axioms of Interaction

1 The Binary House only exists in the CPU.

2 Binary lines are devoid of content.

3 Lines are nameless, and therefore without function.

4 The plans for the Binary House are ambiguous.

5 The inventory of forms is supplied by the CPU.

6 The Binary House is fully present in the CPU.

7 The presentation to the eye is instantaneously present.

8 Retrieved images are equivalent.

9 The Binary House itself has no place in an environment lacking  a viewpoint.

10 The Binary House itself has no dimensions.

11 The CPU compresses time to simultaneity.

12 The Binary House is simultaneous and timeless, it is not  hereditary.

13The Binary House is non-material, dematerialized architecture.

14 The Binary House can be built.


1. Interaction transforms the Binary House.

2. Interaction knows no preconceived images.

3. The CPU works unbiassedly and wants to be used this way.

4. The CPU demands that the designer detaches himself from content-based attitudes.

5. The CPU does not depend on architecture-specific programs.

6. The CPU produces without end and with consistent quality.

7. All called-up pictures are equally valid.

8. No output is an improvement of another.

9. Abstraction ought to be retained as long as possible.

10. Dashes are decoded by interaction.

11. In an inventive way, novelties and misunderstandings are maintained.

12. Naming determines the function.

13. Additional formulations can be found in recycling.

14. Interactive architectural production turns into a cornucopia.

15. The Binary House is declared a realizable structure.

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